Is the device fitted into my mouth permanently?
No, you only put it into your mouth before going to sleep and you remove it upon waking.


  Can I speak, drink and swallow with it inserted?
Yes, the soft adaptable device will follow the muscle tissues easily, making all of the above possible.


  How does the Velumount® work?
It holds the soft tissues behind the nose in place, mechanically preventing them from collapsing thereby eliminating or greatly reducing snoring and apnoeas.


  Can I have a Velumount® posted to me?
No, since everyone has anatomical differences it must be individually fitted.


  What is the difference between Velumount® and other available devices on the market?
Velumount® works on the principal of stabilising the soft tissues of the palate and preventing them from collapsing. You are able to speak and drink and you will have full mouth movement with the device inserted. The Velumount® does not rely on teeth structure when fitted.


  Do I need a referral from my doctor before proceeding with a Velumount® fitting?
No you do not need a referral to have a Velumount fitted.


  How long does a fitting take?
Usually between 2 ½ and 3 hours. This includes being individually fitted with the Velumount, learning how to insert, remove, adjust and maintain the device.


  Is somebody actually working in my mouth for this time because I don’t think I can keep my mouth open this long?
No, not at all. A significant amount of the time is actually spent waiting with the device inserted. This time is used to ensure that the Velumount is fitted correctly and there are no irregular sensations or discomfort. You can bring a book with you or help yourself to one of the magazines provided.


  I have Sleep Apnoea (OSA); will Velumount® work for me?
The CPAP treatment is medically the most recognised and effective treatment available. For people who  cannot tolerate the CPAP or other available treatment currently available,  Velumount® could be an effective alternative for mild to moderate sleep apnoea. Snorers who also suffer from Sleep Apnoea (OSA) are encouraged to undergo a professionally recognised sleep study, following their fitting, to establish whether their sleep quality has improved when using the Velumount®.


  Will I gag when I have the Velumount® fitted?
Some people can experience some initial discomfort when having a Velumount fitted but it passes quite quickly.


  Is the Velumount® registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)?
Yes, the device is approved and registered.


  Have there been any medical studies carried out?
Yes, the results of some ot the studies can be found on this website. 


  I have dentures; can I still use the Velumount®?
Yes, as it is not attached to your teeth.


  I grind my teeth and already wear a device at night for this. Would I still be able to wear the Velumount®?
Yes you can but you have to understand that what you are able to tolerate in your mouth is individual.


  How long does a Velumount® last?
Like a toothbrush, the Velumount is a disposable item and should last 6 months for the Velumount Intro (ring) and 1 year for the Velumount Brace if it is correctly handled and adjusted.


  Do I need to come back every time I need a new Velumount®?
No, not at all. After the initial fitting, we keep a record of your measurements so you only need to telephone your order in or e-mail us.


  How much do replacements cost?
Please contact Dr Klaus Brenner on 011 644 1914 or 011 646 9423 to enquire about prices


  Is the cost of the Velumount® covered by Medicare or private Health funds?
Unfortunately not as snoring is not recognised as an illness and therefore not covered. 


  Does the Velumount work for everyone?

Velumount has been found to reduce snoring and OSA in most patients who have shown good compliance. However, some patients are not able to tolerate the device.

  Are there any known side effects using the Velumount®?
At the completion of a fitting and perhaps for the first few days following a fitting, some patients may notice a slightly sore throat. This should disappear fairly quickly.


Do you need more information or have a question which is not covered in the above? Call 011 646 1914 or 011 646 9423 for assistance.