Client Feedback

 I have been using the Velumount system now for 18 months. I find it easy to use, & yes it really works something so simple, I thought would not work. At first I was a sceptic. I thought this is another con when I read about it, I could not have beenmore wrong, but I needed to fix my snoring problem. First visit I must admit it took a little while, but only a short time more mind over matter, to get used to fitting & sleeping with it, but now I would not even know it is there. The professional advice & fitting was great, extremely helpful & knowledgable & caring about me & my sleep apnoea. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea previously and used a CPap machine, I could not stand using it, my experience terrible. I have no relationship with these people & have never met them before nor do I have any paid relationship or deal to make this statement.
Howard (Salamander Bay)


 I find them very uncomfortable and so it doesn't take long to decide that sleep is more important than using the velumount, so I pull it out and revert to the CPAP machine. Unfortately it appears to have been a waste of money in my case." RESPONSE FROM VELUMOUNT: It is disappointing that you didn't return for an after care consultation (which we mentioned was included in the fitting cost and could be taken within 6 months of the fitting) and made no contact with us following your fitting. Firstly, perhaps a simple adjustment to the device would have made it more comfortable. Secondly, like contact lenses, the Velumount takes some time to get used to and this is why we suggest wearing it each night, consecutively, and wearing it as long as you can manage each night. If it becomes uncomfortable, you remove it, go back to your CPAP machine if you have one and then try again the next night. It normally takes a few days before clients make it through the whole night without removing it and it does need some perseverence. We would be more than happy to honour the after care consultation, even if it has been more than 6 months. Please let me know if you are interested.
Rod (Penrith)


 This is an update from Margaret: I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea over ten years ago. I tried to get used to the CPAP machine and persevered for 9 months. It worked well but I hated it and finally gave up. I have been waking up with choking, and snoring quite loudly. I saw the Velumount advertisement in the paper and gave it a go. After a short period of adjustment I (and my long-suffering husband) are both very impressed. Compared to the difficulties of the CPAP machine, this is light, portable and unnoticeable after about 5 minutes of inserting it. I'm not choking any more and am enjoying feeling a clear passage of air. My husband is also getting more sleep.I seem to be slowly acquiring more energy and don't always take "Nanna naps" in the afternoon these days. It's gotta be good for me!!!"
Margaret (E. Maitland)


 After using the device for over a week now, it is making quite a significant difference to my struggles for air and sleeping. My breathing is now continuous and I'm not doing the 'stop-start' thing.
Margaret (E. Maitland)


 It may be a bit early for a progress report on our device but I thought you would be pleased to know that I have had 2 full nights sleep since Saturday.I think I drank too much coffee on the way home for Saturday night to be a good test but Sunday and last night I slept better than I have for a long while with no discomfort from the wire and very little soreness in the morning.I am able to leave it in all night and my wife hasn’t heard a snore for two nights.She could hear snoring Saturday night so I put the chin strap on with less adjustment than before and each night since and it seems to be working. We were both very impressed with the way you conduct your business and appreciated your honesty and the lack of pressure shown to us to make our minds up on the day actually helped us make our minds up on the day(did that make any sense?)
Peter (Armidale)


 I have suffered extreme fatigue in the past couple of years and probably lack of interest/enjoyment in my work, motor cycling/caravanning activities and life in general. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea at a Tamworth clinic about June this year and have been unable to sleep with the devices ‘pushing’ air into my nose mechanically. I was kept awake by the discomfort of the various masks I tried to wear. I was encouraged to persist as the sleep apnea, I am told, could increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. I am 66 and probably in an age bracket where the risk of both is high. I guess I haven’t been an ‘ideal’ patient as I had initial problems getting used to ‘something stuck in my throat’ - I found it very uncomfortable. Luckily, I persevered and have noticed waking much more refreshed and energized than in the past. My wife tells me I sleep much more peacefully than in the past.
Don (Tamworth)

 I am very happy with the Velumount now. When I discovered I had sleep apnea as a 20 year old woman and was told a CPAP machine was my only answer I decided that I would stay with the sleep apnea and not be Darth Vader's old aunt. 17 years later I discovered the Velumount. It was a struggle at the beginning learning how to put it in my mouth. With persistence and gradually increasing the time I used it overnight I now use it with confidence. I have been using it for 3 straight months now and feel I have more energy due to a restful sleep.
Sally (Davistown)

 I've been using the Velumount every night now and my husband is sleeping well because I am sleeping well and not waking up coughing and choking all the time! I did find fitting the Velumount hard to get used to at first, but with perseverance it got easier and easier and now I can't even feel it anymore when I place it in my mouth. I'm not feeling groggy in the mornings when I wake up anymore and I feel I have more energy during the day! Thank you for helping me and making a huge difference to our lives!
Tinka (North Avoca)


I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your assistance with my device recently I have enjoyed great success with it. I was struggling for a while with some adjustment issues where the device was rubbing on my teeth, but since you guys showed me where I was going wrong I have strung together some weeks of great sleep now. I hope everyone else that may think it's not worth perservering with goes back and sees you for a follow up and they too are able to realise the benefits provided by the Velumount device. Thank you.
Craig (Salamander Bay)


Reporting in that Carron sleeps much better (for my benefit that is!) and feels more rested in the mornings now. He does take a while and perseverance to get the thing in properly but it does pay off.
Carron (Cowes)


Right you were in that it would be much easier to get going once at home. I did not even think about it on the Sat after the fitting, however managed to put it in quite easily on the Sunday night and sleep with it for pretty much most of the night. It has definitely helped with snoring as my wife can happily sleep without being woken up, and I have slept with it on every night since. All in all it is doing the job nicely and I feel that I am getting a better sleep.
Adrian (Redfern)

Just a quick note to let you know that all is working really well for me. The unit has greatly enhanced  the quality of my sleep and I actually wake up feeling refreshed. I cant remember the last time that used to be so. Thanks again.
Peter (Newcastle)

We have good news - good news -  good news.
It is wonderful to see Ted sleeping so comfortably and quietly, on his back and his side.   Also he is feeling better already.  He  worked hard yesterday and today and is feeling tired, but a normal tiredness  (he is 70)  nothing like the exhaustion he felt before.  He said it's great to feel so free not having to wear the mask and being hooked up to a machine.   Ben, he so appreciated your kindness and patience on Saturday.

Ted is going to tell a friend who also has sleep apnea so hopefully he will try it too., and we also showed one to the the woman who owns Sleep Apnea Solutions in Wollongong. Her name is ***** ****** and she was going to check the website.  She also said it was good to know of an alternitive to refer people to when  cpap  fails to help them, or they can't tolerate it. Here's hoping that we may be able to tell more and more people about velumount and it's amazing difference to CPAP.
Marie and Ted Medlyn (Wombarra)
Very comfortable and has grown to be part of me and so easy to transport compared to machine.  And NO sound! 
Gerry (North Arm Cove)
I just wanted to let you know that all is well with the Velumount.  The first night I kept it in for about 3 hours, no worries just a fraction sore the next day and the same with Sunday night, but last night I went to sleep before I could take it out and the next thing I knew it was 6.30a.m.  So it is going well for me thank you very much. 
Robyn (North Balgowlah)

  I have suffered with sleep apnea for a number of years. Since using the velumount I have found that I sleep longer and more restfully and my energy levels have improved.
Richard (Beacon Hill)

  I used it last night for the whole night, after only three hours on Monday night, my first night. It was no issue at all.  What amazes me is that my blood pressure this morning was down 20 points from where it has been (average 146/76 +) to 125/76. It looks as if I will need to get really used to it! If that is a continuing effect I will be telling the world about it!
Ray (Newport)

  The Velumount solution worked for me from Day 1 and the benefits include: no more hassle from my sleeping partner, and an improved sleeping pattern - I would recommend it to anyone with snoring and/or sleep apnea problems."  
Nick (Bayview)

Thank you they are working really well.  Graham is sleeping a lot better and little to no snoring.  YEH!!!!!!!
Graham (Tarro)

   Working well with the Velumounts, I can actually sleep on my back now, sometimes I cannot
wear as my nose is a little blocked but most nights really good.
Matthew O. (Ellebana) wife has had a great nights sleep each night because I HAVE NOT SNORED at
all while I have it in, and she votes it a winner and money well spent.  Another important reason
for me to persevere with it, as it is definitely getting easier to use with time and familiarity.  I have
a number of workmates (more significantly, their wives) watching my progress with interest.
Chris G. (Westleigh)

I just wanted to tell you how ecstatic I am to have found Velumount. I have been using a CPAP machine for 3 years and very sadly resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to go overnight camping, trekking or even an overnight stay on a boat, because I always had to stay connected to a power point for the CPAP. The Velumount gives me back the freedom, and choices, and I love that!!. I only ever intended to use the Velumount as an alternative to CPAP on rare occasions, but since being fitted I find I am using it 3 to 4 times a week. Again, it’s wonderful to have freedom of choice. Also the after sale support and follow up was just wonderful. I wish you both lots of success in the future and I’m sure that once people learn what the Velumount can do for them, they will love it as much as I do.
Daphne M. (Terrey Hills)

  I\'m Michael Spooner from Clovelly and have suffered from being a very loud snorer all of my adult life. One wife ago, it was very usual to be sent to the spare room or to wake up alone. Having met my wonderful new partner, I was determined to address the situation and, after an exhaustive search, found Velumount. My girl says that I\'ve turned from being a 10 out of 10 snorer to be less than a 1 out of 10 snorer. We wake up together, she feels rested and so do I. There is some persistence required and with me it took a couple of days only to be comfortable enough to sleep straight through the night. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!
Mike S. (Clovelly)

  I can\'t believe I waited a whole year after seeing your newspaper add before I tried the Velumount device. I found the fitting much easier than I thought it would be and I am surprised how comfortable it is when adjusted correctly. I had some soreness at either side of my uvula or the first few days and found I needed to adjust the device a bit differently to stop the soreness. My wife can\'t believe how silently I now sleep after 20 years of marriage and \"snoring like a Rhinoceros\" before fitting the device. I feel a lot better on waking more alert and energetic. This device saved me from being sent to the spare room. I am thrilled and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. 
David (Cranebrook)

  Have slept with unit all night since the second night. Snoring reduced by 75%, apnoea reduced by 90%. Energy levels now very much improved. It does require perseverance but not onerous. I am a total fan and am telling everyone who will listen, to its virtues. Need a public speaker or endorser? You can always call me. PS Sure beats carrying one of those CPAP machines around.
Gary (Carey Bay)

  The Velumount device stopped my snoring instantly. My wife can now spend the night with me, without being disturbed (by snoring at least).
Michael (Bathurst)

  Occasionally I do snore slightly but this is probably due to the fact that I do not adjust the device after each use. I definitely now have more energy and no longer have to rely on “power naps” to get me through the day. Thank you Velumount for giving my energy levels the boost they desperately required.
John (Mudgee)

  I suspect that I have suffered from sleep apnoea for many years. In 2005 I suffered a slight heart attack which shook me around quite a bit. My Cardiologist said it was probably stress related. There is a high likelihood that my sleep apnoea either caused or contributed greatly to my heart problems. I underwent a sleep study that confirmed the apnoeas. I rented a CPAP machine for a month on advice from my doctor and the sleep study people. I had a lot of trouble with the CPAP machine. It was extremely uncomfortable and as a result, even though I was no longer suffering apnoeas, I wasn’t getting a good nights sleep and I actually started to feel worse than without the treatment. I was at a stage where I was prepared to let my sleep apnoea go untreated because I felt the cure was worse than the sickness. My partner stumbled across the Velumount advert in a TV program guide. It looked so interesting that we booked a mid week trip to Mudgee for a fitting. After the initial discomfort of fitting the unit I soon got used to it. I have done a further sleep study with the apnoea link supplied by Velumount and the result was good - I was not experiencing any more apnoeas.The Velumount is so much more comfortable and user friendly than the CPAP. It has made sleep a pleasurable thing again for me, it takes a bit of getting used to but the results are well worth it.
Comment from client at a later date:
You know I had a nap the other day for about 3 hrs and I was too lazy to go and put my velumount in because I was tired. I slept so poorly and woke feeling worse than before I had the nap I certainly can vouch for the effectiveness of the velumount for me.
Tony (Pyree NSW)