How does Velumount® work?

When the Velumount is inserted, closing of the airways is mechanically prevented and a constant airflow is thus secured. Snoring noises are directly eliminated.

  • The highly flexible plastic wire construction follows the muscle movements of the soft palate and tongue area with ease.
  • After the correct fitting of the device you will not feel any restrictions when swallowing or drinking.
  • When snoring has been successfully prevented, it is also widely accepted that no sleep apnoea will be present. Snorers, however, who suspect sleep apnoea should undergo a professional sleep study following the adjustment period of the Velumount. This is to confirm the quality of sleep. .

fitted device



The correct use of the Velumount® requires


  • Assessment consultation with the medical practitioner
  • Workshop to explain the process, individual fitting and training in the correct use of the Velumount device 
  • Follow-up consultations (if required) to maximise user comfort and efficacy.